erika deruaz

The Artist

Erika's paintings are a reflection of her heritage, both European and Canadian, and she creates detailed images of wonderful places that beg to be experienced and explored. Born and educated in Zurich, Switzerland, Erika has resided in Ottawa since 1966. She studied art at the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa School of Art and has attended numerous workshops.

Erika is a Fellow of the Ottawa Watercolour Society and her paintings have been winning awards since 1987. Her work is housed in private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Artist Statement

After working in different media, my work is now mainly in acrylics while still enjoying the challenge of the watercolours. l like to experiment with colours and shapes, not only to study reflections, shadows, light and shade, but also to explore how to use colours to create different moods.

Painting fills a need in my life, recreating on paper what I see around me or in my mind. My inspiration comes from the outside as well as from my moods and past experiences.